PewDiePie Was Briefly Beaten by T-Series in Battle for YouTube Subscribers

PewDiePie was dethroned by the T-Series YouTube channel in a battle to see who could amass the most subscribers, but the triumph only lasted a few minutes before PewDiePie was back on top.

Live trackers have been keeping up with the different in subscribers between PewDiePie and T-Series, the former being the reigning force on YouTube in terms of subscribers and the latter an Indian music channel which has exploded in popularity. The gap between the two came much closer than any of PewDiePie’s fans would’ve hoped, and at one point, T-Series was shown to have more subscribers than PewDiePie. The moment that happened can be seen in the image below which captured the difference between the two accounts.

PewDiePie Subscribers
(Photo: PewDiePie)

Some PewDiePie fans speculated that it was an error on YouTube’s part or the services which tracked the sub difference, but according to PewDiePie himself, T-Series did pass him temporarily after he said YouTube deleted several thousand subscribers from his account. In PewDiePie’s latest video shown above, the YouTuber shared news with his fans that T-Series had indeed surpassed him temporarily but said that now that he’s back on top, those brief moments of victory are all T-Series will get.

“T-Series actually passed PewDiePie in subscribers for 10 minutes,” PewDiePie said in the video above. “Ten excruciatingly painful minutes. But it was necessary, because now, they got a taste of what it means to be number one, and that’s all you’re ever gonna get T-Series. It meant nothing.”

The YouTuber went on to cite Elon Musk as a driving force in his growing subscriber count that kept him above T-Series for along time and has placed him in that position once again. Several days ago, it was reported that PewDiePie had enlisted Musk to host the YouTuber’s Meme Review segment, and it turns out those reports were correct.


“Elon Musk came down from the sky and hosted Meme Review,” PewDiePie continued. “And now, the sub gap is at 55,000 and PewDiePie is rightfully at number one again.”

According to subscriber-tracking services which continued to watch the two accounts after the brief takeover, that gap has now grown even wider to a difference of around 120,000 in PewDiePie’s favor at the time of publishing.