PewDiePie Enlists Elon Musk to Aid in T-Series Rivalry

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg appears to have gained another unexpected ally in his battle against the T-Series YouTube channel as Elon Musk has been brought on to make an appearance in one of PewDiePie’s videos.

The YouTuber has been engaged in a constant struggle throughout the past few months as he fought to stay ahead of the Indian music channel T-Series, and though he’s never been overtaken, it’s come close at times. Only a couple thousand subscribers separate the two, so PewDiePie’s been utilizing every resource to stay ahead. It seems that now includes involving Elon Musk with his “Meme Review” YouTube segment alongside Rick and Morty’s co-creator Justin Roiland.

CNET reported that Musk tweeted about the surprise collaboration on Monday and said that he “Did meme review last night” with Roiland. The apparent announcement was a reply to a tweet from Musk that came back at the end of January when Musk tweeted about hosting meme review.

When the tweet was originally shared in January, PewDiePie himself responded to it and said “please host” and that he and his fans needed the collaboration to happen. Musk responded weeks later to say he was busy with a “vital mission” but had returned, and that was the last that the two figures’ fans had heard of the possible Meme Review hosting until now.


No video from PewDiePie which features Musk and Roiland hosting a Meme Review segment has been shared yet, so it remains to be seen if and when this collaboration will actually be revealed. It’ll also be interesting to see how it impacts PewDiePie’s subscriber count that sometimes just barely stays ahead of T-Series’ numbers.

If the Meme Review is indeed happening, it’ll be the latest of PewDiePie’s many stunts the YouTuber pulled to retain his place at the top of YouTube. He recently played Minecraft to bring in more followers and played Fortnite before that, and he made no effort to hide the fact that he was doing this solely to gain subscribers.