Phantom Dust Remaster For Xbox One Has A Bigger Audience Than The Original Game

Last month, Microsoft opted to release the high definition remaster of Phantom Dust on the Xbox [...]


Last month, Microsoft opted to release the high definition remaster of Phantom Dust on the Xbox One, after months of rumors that the game had been scrapped. Well, it's a good thing it came out, because it's probably garnered the biggest audience it's ever seen with its re-release.

Over on the official Phantom Dust website, creative director Adam Isgreen talked about the audience numbers for the game, and they're bigger than the ones that bought the original game – like on a 20-to-1 ratio.

The original Phantom Dust only sold 50,000 copies on the original Xbox, and the remaster has managed to see over one million players since its release. Of course, its free price tag certainly doesn't hurt either, since it was initially released for no charge.

In addition, Isgreen also noted that a new update was making its way to the game, one that will provide a daily skill reward system to it. With it, players will be able to unlock skills that, until the release of the patch, could only be gotten through the original Phantom Dust's expansion. By logging in to one of your in-game profiles, you'll be able to access "a free specific skill for that day," according to Isgreen.

A bonus skill can be unlocked every week, provided that you log in to your account at least four times a week to play. If you prefer, there's still an option available to buy all the skills up front, as you can purchase three copies of all 74 of them for $4.99, through the "expansion skill pack."

The update, according to Isgreen, will also bring in-game chat into the mix, so players can talk with one another, along with a forthcoming NPC Mission Guide, in case you're getting stuck within certain sections of the game's campaign mode. Never hurts to have a little help, right?

Even though Phantom Dust HD isn't for everyone, it's great to see that it's getting an audience that's appreciating the game more this time around. Who knows, we might see more expansions in the future!

Phantom Dust HD is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.