Phasmophobia Teases Halloween Update

After teasing the Halloween update more than once, Phasmophobia developers Kinetic Games have now set the release date for the game's next big content drop. It'll arrive on October 25th at 8 a.m. PT and will apparently be called Phasmophobia: Nightmare if a teaser image shared this week is being interpreted correctly. Thanks to previews from the developers before, we already know of some of the features that'll be included in the update.

The Phasmophobia social accounts teased the arrival of the Halloween update this week with the image below. While the image itself didn't mention Halloween in any way, the developers confirmed that this is indeed the Halloween update planned for the game.

For a game like Phasmophobia, one would expect that the Halloween update would be a big occasion. We don't yet have the patch notes for the update, but thanks to the game's Trello board, we have an idea of what's planned for this release. The Trello board shows that the Halloween update will include the new Nightmare difficulty which is apparently being teased by the image, two new ghost types which have been hinted at before, an overall difficulty rework, a campsite map also teased in the image above, as well as "much, much more."

Plans for the new ghost types frequently become topics of discussion and speculation within the community as Kinetic Games releases teasers and players try to figure out what's coming. While there are guesses out there, we still don't know for sure what the plans for the next ghosts are. Kinetic Games did say in the past that it has plans to make its ghost scarier and to focus on themed horror experiences, so perhaps we'll see that manifest in the next update.

"Yes! We want to make each ghost scarier in their own way, we have plans to add 'themed horror' to make each encounter different from the last," said the developers in a past Q&A. "Each ghost could have its own set of 'scares' and have its own kill animation/death room to match."

The same Q&A also hinted at plans for the game's difficulty settings.

"We're planning to do a large overhaul and re-balance of the 3 difficulty modes in the near future," Kinetic Games said. "We want to make sure the game gets harder in fun ways, instead of the ghost just being able to hunt more."

Phasmophobia's Halloween update will be released on October 25th.