Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters DLC Revealed, Features Dan Aykroyd

The popular theme park construction and management game Planet Coaster has been out for nearly three years at this point, and it has featured a handful of solid content updates and various packs for players to add even more fun to the experience. That said, the latest DLC to be revealed for the spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 revolves around a particularly iconic group that busts ghosts. That's right, a Ghostbusters DLC is officially on the way for Planet Coaster players, and it even features Dan Aykroyd himself reprising his role as Dr. Raymond Stantz.

According to the trailer's description, the fun doesn't stop at just Aykroyd and the ECTO-1. "Featuring an all new story-driven scenario, new gameplay mechanics, plus new rides, characters and scenery straight from the classic 1984 movie, this new Planet Coaster content pack provides everything players need to create the most authentic Ghostbusters entertainment park seen in a videogame," reads the description.

"Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters DLC pack also sees Dan Aykroyd voice his original role as the iconic Raymond Stantz, mentoring players throughout their campaign as they build their park and take care of the ghostly issues that besiege their rides. Joining Aykroyd, William Atherton will also voice his role as Ghostbusters antagonist Walter Peck."

Considering the nature of Planet Coaster and how one has decided to play the game over the past two and a half years, it may or may not be a good thing that the Ghostbusters are even being brought in at all. However, when the Ghostbusters DLC arrives, it will include the following:

  • A fully-voiced, narrative campaign featuring the voice talents of Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton.
  • A new interactive ghostbusting ride, The Ghostbusters Experience.
  • A new, Slimer-themed kiddie coaster, the RollerGhoster.
  • Classic Ghostbusters characters such as Raymond Stantz, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a few surprises!
  • Authentic scenery pieces and sounds straight from the 1984 original movie, including the Ghostbusters HQ, Spook Central, ECTO-1 and Ray Parker Jr’s classic Ghostbusters theme.

Planet Coaster is currently available on PC via Steam, and while the Ghostbusters DLC has no release date outside of "coming soon" at this point, we do know that it is going to cost $14.99 when it does arrive. You can read more on the game's website right here.

What do you think about all of this? Excited to see the Ghostbusters in Planet Coaster at some point in the future? Haw many people have met their fate at your parks? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!