PS5 Consoles Getting Rare Price Drop from Target Sale Soon

Target will be selling the PS5 for $50 off the normal price.

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Sony's PlayStation 5 consoles rarely go on sale and are typically priced at $499 pretty much anywhere you look, but soon, Target will be offering buyers a slightly better deal. Target's weekly ad for its upcoming week of discounts confirmed recently that next week, Target will sell the PlayStation 5 at $449 instead of the normal price. It's a smallish discount compared to how much a new console costs, but considering how Target is also offering games and PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers on sale during the same week, it's not a bad opportunity at all for those who are looking for a new PlayStation 5 or some accessories.

Over on Target's site, the preview of next week's weekly deals running from August 6th to August 12th confirmed that a PS5 discount would be in place. The console will be $50 off, the ad says, which again isn't a lot when you're buying a $499 console, but it's better than you're probably going to find elsewhere until others start to follow suit. The PS5 is sold at that price by GameStop, by comparison, but only for a refurbished PS5, so this looks like it'll be your best bet for getting a new PS5 next week if you want the best deal possible.


The same weekly ad shows that the PS5's DualSense controllers will be on sale as well. According to the ad, they'll be priced at $49.99 for the duration of the sale. DualSense controllers are typically sold for anywhere between $69.99 and $79.99 depending on which version of controller you want with ones like the LeBron James DualSense typically on the higher end of things, but Target's all that it has for $49.99 instead which means they'll be either $20 or $25 off depending on which one you get. The specific colors that'll be on sale aren't listed, however, so you'll have to check back next week when the deal is live to see what's offered.

In the past, the PS5 consoles have only gotten sales in roundabout ways through things like the refurbished discount from GameStop or situations where Sony discounts PS5 bundles which still end up being much more than a normal PS5 but are still technically a discount. Now that we've gotten one of our first real sales for the PS5 confirmed by Target, we may see more of those in the near future from other retailers.