PlayStation 5 Devkit Leak Reportedly Reveals Best Look Yet at PS5 Prototype

A new image of what’s said to be the PlayStation 5 devkits have surfaced online, and if the claims made by the source are accurate and the systems are the real deal, we’ve now gotten our best look yet at the prototype PS5. The image comes from Twitter user Alcoholikaust who shared a single image of what appears to be two PS5 devkits side-by-side judging from their caption for the photo and the similarities to devkit designs leaked prior to this reveal.

This would definitely be the best reveal of a PS5 devkit we’ve gotten so far, but only if the photo is real. There doesn’t appear to be any PlayStation branding that’s immediately noticeable on the devices, though the apparent PlayStation controller hooked up to the device does back up the claims. Rough designs and mockups for what the PS5 devkit might look like have surfaced in the past though, and when you compare those next to one another, it certainly looks like this photo might be legit.

The Twitter user’s image of the supposed PS5 devkit can be seen below. When asked on Twitter where the photo came from, the user said that it came from a developer and that the photo was recent and the devkits were real.

News of the PS5 devkits being in the hands of developers has been around for several months now. One developer lent some credibility to the images of the supposed devkit designs when they were floating around online by confirming that the images in question were indeed representing the PS5 devkit and took that one step further by saying that they had some of the systems in their office. The tweet was later deleted, though not before everyone caught onto the fact that devkits were apparently real and were out in the wild.


Sony revealed the first details of its next PlayStation earlier than these many devkit leaks when it began speaking openly about what was planned for the PS5. The final design of the PS5 will undoubtedly look different from what’s been seen in these devkit leaks, though Sony hasn’t revealed this final design yet and likely won’t for a while.

The PS5 is scheduled to release holiday 2020.