First Look at PS5 Slim May Have Leaked Online

The elusive, long-rumored PS5 Slim may have finally been found.

PlayStation fans waiting for a PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro reveal from Sony may have just gotten their first look at the former with a new image claiming to show off the PS5 Slim surfacing online this week. The image in question shows a console that looks quite similar to the base PS5, as one might've expected, though it boats at least one visible cosmetic different compared to the original console. There's no way of knowing right now if this PS5 Slim photo is actually representative of the product that Sony hasn't even officially announced, however, but it at least gives PlayStation fans something to possibly look forward to.

The PS5 image seen below was shared in the A9VG forums and can be seen below (it's not visible on the site without an account) after it was reshared by Andrew Marmo, a Twitter user with a history of reporting on trademarks and other behind-the-scenes actions by developers and publishers. For the most part, it looks a lot like a normal PS5, but it's got two slits running down each side of the console that are absent from the base model.

What's interesting about this particular leak is that it seems there could be more out there about the PS5 Slim that just hasn't been released just yet. Prior to this image surfacing online, another Twitter user, BwE, came out and criticized the appearance of the supposed PS5 Slim design. The user described some features the new PS5 Slim boasted while saying it had dual USB-C slots on the front of the console complete with "ugly black slits on each side" which appear to be what we're seeing here in this image. 

The info was interesting, but some were doubtful of its accuracy given a lack of track record that we typically see from those who tend to leak these sorts of things. The same user says that they have a video of the PS5 Slim which was what provided them with this info in the first place but said that it wasn't up to them to share it.

Sony has not officially announced any plans for a new PS5 model of any kind, but PS5s have started getting discounts for the first time, so some have taken that as a sign that change may be on the way for the PS5 lineup.