The New PlayStation Credit Card is Perfect for Sony Fans

PlayStation Credit Card
(Photo: PlayStation)

If you're a PlayStation fan who's looking to improve your credit while earning points on the PlayStation purchases you were already planning on making, Sony has paired with Capital One to bring you a new PlayStation credit card.

Like any credit card that's worth applying for, this new credit option from PlayStation offers several rewards that might be appealing for those who are deep into the services that PlayStation offers. If buying digital games, Sony products, and being a PlayStation Plus member are all things that you're currently interested in, the credit card might be a perfect option to start propelling your credit score with gaming.

On a variety of purchases, card-owners will be able to earn Sony Rewards points back through the items that they buy. The closer the products is to Sony and PlayStation, the more points you'll earn.

  • PlayStation Store – Earn 5x the points on PlayStation Store purchases
  • PlayStation and Sony Products – Earn 5x the points on PlayStation and Sony purchases (authorized retailers and purchase confirmation needed)
  • Mobile phone bills – Earn 3x the points on your monthly bills
  • All other purchases – Earn 1x the points on all other purchases where you can use a Visa card

With those Sony Rewards points that you rack up, you can turn around and redeem those loyalty earnings for a couple of different options. Gaming, of course, is one of the primary areas that players will allocate their points with PlayStation Store codes and games available, but Sony electronics like TVs and cameras are also available for redemption. Outside of those Sony products, concert tickets, music, and movies are all also on the table depending on how many points you've saved up.


If you're a subscriber to certain PlayStation services, you'll also earn statement credits back towards your account. You can earn 50 percent back as a credit off a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership after spending at least $3000 within a year, and card-owners can also earn 10 percent back as a statement credit if they take part in PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music, or PlayStation Now.

You can find out more info about the PlayStation credit card here and apply for it through Capital One.