PlayStation Fans Hilariously React To PSN Name Change Feature

We posted huge news this morning where Sony finally confirmed that, sometime next year, users will be able to change their PlayStation Network name to whatever they see fit (provided it's not obscene, mind you).


As a result, fans have been celebrating the news, including Kinda Funny, which posted the following tweet:

But that's just the tip of reactions from fans on social media, who had all kinds of responses to the news, from overjoyed to sarcastic to all out hilarious. We posted some of the best ones below!

And Sony's Shawn Layden sounded off on the announcement as well:

Needless to say, fans are anticipating this change and waiting to see when the beta will kick off. But be warned -- changing your name on PSN won't necessarily make you a better gamer. Skills are still necessary.


We'll let you know when Sony makes an announcement about the beta!