PlayStation Network Maintenance Coming Soon With Some Services Affected

PlayStation users who are planning on getting in some gaming in the wee hours of the morning soon [...]


PlayStation users who are planning on getting in some gaming in the wee hours of the morning soon should take notice of an announcement that was recently made that let players know about some routine maintenance that'll be performed on the PlayStation Network pretty soon. The maintenance isn't expected to cause too much of a ripple in the online capabilities given the time of day that it's planned for, but some services are going to be down for just a while during the hour-long timeframe.

Per an announcement on the PlayStation status site, the maintenance is scheduled for July 25 and will last from 2-3 a.m., all work being done within your local time zone. You'll still be able to sign into your PlayStation account and play games while enjoying some of the applications on your PlayStation device, but there are a couple of features that'll be down during the maintenance.

"You will not be able to access PlayStation Video, PlayStation Store, and Account Management during this maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience."

As the notice also mentioned, if you are planning on gaming way into the night and want to keep using all of your services uninterrupted, now is a prime time to activate you PS4 as your primary console so that you can keep on keepin' on during the maintenance.

In addition to the scheduled maintenance that's set to take place, PlayStation users are also being asked to assist in the testing of the PS4's next large-scale console update. While there's not a date for when the next big update will roll out for PlayStation owners, the beta signups for the newest software version are now open, and Sony is looking for feedback on their upcoming software. Players who take part in such an event usually get the first look at some brand new content such as the external HDD support and a couple of custom wallpapers that came with software version 4.50.

To sign up for the beta version of the PS4's next software update, you can register for the testing phase here. Otherwise, just make sure you get all your gaming needs in line before the maintenance that'll hit early tomorrow morning.