Sony Resets PlayStation Now 7-Day Trials

Sony reset the PlayStation Now’s 7-day trial offer for most PlayStation account holders to let them once again experience the subscription service’s growing catalog of games.

Announced in a PlayStation Blog post on Friday, Sony said that the 7-day trials that give those who don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription had been reset to allow for a second trial period. This means that those who weren’t subscribed to the PlayStation Now service as of October 2nd can now have another seven-day trial period if they’ve already used up the first one, a trial that’ll let them try out PlayStation Now’s newest games and features.

“As of this week we have also reset the 7-day trial, so anyone not subscribed to the service as of October 2 can try out downloads for most PS4 games in the service, as well as streaming for all 650+ games in the PS Now library,” Sony’s PlayStation Blog announcement said. “Even if you previously had a paid subscription or used a 7-day trial for PS Now, you can now access the 7-day trial again to see how easy the new download feature works. The 7-day free trial (credit card required) auto-renews at $19.99 per month at the end of the trial period, unless you cancel or subscribe to a different subscription plan. So now’s the perfect time to come back and give PS Now a try!”

The auto-renewal option can easily be turned off once the 7-day trial is redeemed though so that there are no worries of your temporary PlayStation Now trial rolling over into a paid subscription once the week of gaming is over.


Sony’s decision to reset the trials comes with the addition of 10 new games in the service’s catalog for subscribers to experience. It also allows people to test out PlayStation Now’s new downloadable game feature that lets you download the games instead of streaming them. It only works for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 2 games though, but those still comprise a hefty portion of the PlayStation Now games that’ll now make use of the feature. Streaming games is one of the main concerns that people had with the service prior to the change with quality sometimes suffering due to lag depending on players’ connections, but the new feature looks to fix that problem with the 7-day trial likely an effort to show off the improvements.

PlayStation Now trials have now been reset and are once again available for PlayStation account holders.