PlayStation Patent Reveals Possible NFT and Blockchain Plans

While NFTs remain controversial among gamers, it seems PlayStation has been considering ways to integrate blockchain technology into its games. A newly published patent filed by the company shows that Sony is looking into ways for users to acquire unique digital assets that could be bought, traded, and used in other games. These assets could also be tracked by the company, with a goal to "expand the functionality of digital assets associated with video games." 

"The techniques and technologies described herein expand the capabilities of digital assets associated with video games, and of systems that create and manage such digital assets, by converting the digital assets associated with video games from being fungible to being non-fungible," the patent reads.

The PlayStation Stars program features digital rewards that many fans compared to NFTs prior to launch. Users can acquire digital trophies based on PlayStation games, though there is no ability to trade or sell them. Sony was quick to distance the program's trophies from NFTs, noting that PlayStation Stars does not incorporate blockchain technology. Despite this, there has been speculation from fans that the program was going to feature NFTs at one point, but Sony decided to move in a different direction. This is merely speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt, but this newly published patent makes it clear that PlayStation has been considering implementing NFTs in some capacity!

It's worth mentioning that just because this Sony patent exists, it does not definitively mean that NFTs will be added to the company's games. Sony has filed countless patents over the years for things that didn't pan out, for one reason or another. At one point, Sony was looking into a technology that would allow users to turn everyday items (like bananas) into controllers for PlayStation 5. As of this writing, that hasn't come to pass, and it's possible PlayStation's NFT ambitions will encounter a similar fate. For now, PlayStation fans will just have to wait and see!

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