PlayStation Reportedly Removing Updates and Patches for Several PS3 Games

PlayStation 3 users are reportedly finding that updates for some games are no longer available for download. This means players that own these games in a digital or physical format will no longer be able to download the most recent version of the software if they haven't already. Users on PSNProfiles and ResetEra are both reporting the issue. Some users have taken it upon themselves to compile a list of games that no longer offer updates, but it's unclear if this is a temporary issue, or an intentional move on Sony's part. Regardless, fans of the console are quite concerned about what it might mean.

The reports come just a few weeks after Sony announced that the PS3 Store will close on July 2nd. While that news has come as a big disappointment to those interested in video game preservation, at least players have been given a significant amount of time to prepare and purchase games before they get removed. Comparatively, the removal of these updates came without any warning, and could have a major impact on some games. In an era where day one patches have become the norm, the idea of updates being removed is definitely concerning.

The removal of these updates highlights one of the biggest issues facing the video game industry moving forward. Video games released 20-30 years ago mostly remain playable as intended. Retro enthusiasts are often forced to jump through some hoops to play them, but the games still reflect the final version offered. For modern day games, it's possible that won't be the case. Updates have given developers a lot more freedom to fix issues that are discovered after a game's release. Unfortunately, if those updates aren't available for download, the shipped version will be the one that remains playable after the fact, warts and all.

Sony hasn't confirmed the removal of these updates, and it's possible that this is all one big accident. However, PS3 fans might want to update their games to the current versions to be on the safe side. It could mean the difference between playing the best version of a game and one that doesn't reflect the developer's final vision.

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