PlayStation Patents PS5 AI That Would Adjust Boss Fight Difficulty

Sony has been looking at a number of ways to make the overall PlayStation 5 experience more enjoyable for players, and fans have gotten to see some of the company's ideas through several recently filed patents. One of these patents is for technology that would use AI to determine the player's skill and adjust the game's difficulty based on their successes or failures. As a result of success in the game, boss fights might become more difficult, while failure might result in easier enemies, instead. Ideally, this would be an option, rather than a requirement, as some players prefer a good challenge.

"In another aspect, a method includes receiving data related to one or more video game players' attempt to beat a video game opponent and determining, based on the data, a different way for beating the video game opponent in the future. The method also includes altering gameplay against the video game opponent based on the different way for beating the video game opponent in the future. The video game opponent may be a non-player character of a video game, such as a boss that is engaged at the end of a level or stage of the video game," the patent reads.

There are a lot of players that could benefit from this inclusion, but several others would be unhappy with it. Some gamers love a hard boss fight, no matter how many tries it takes. Other gamers prefer to simply enjoy the overall experience. For the latter group, this could be a blessing. The technology would still seem to reward players that do better against difficult opponents. This could take several different forms, including in-game currency. Those worried that there might not be an incentive for taking on tougher threats can rest easy!

It's important to note that patents such as this one don't necessarily indicate things that will definitely come to PlayStation 5. Instead, patents just give readers a look at what the company is considering for the future. It's possible the technology won't work as planned, or that Sony could abandon the concept altogether. PlayStation fans will just have to see if anything comes of this one!

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[H/T: Segment Next]