PlayStation Celebrates Sly Cooper's 20th Anniversary With New Merch

PlayStation is currently celebrating Sly Cooper's 20th anniversary with new merch and a fun blog post. Sly Cooper is a pretty pivotal PlayStation franchise, despite the fact it has laid dormant for years. Although it's a series of great games, perhaps its biggest achievement is helping put developer Sucker Punch on the map. Thanks to the success of the Sly Cooper series, Sucker Punch went on to go make even better games like Infamous and Ghost of Tsushima. Both have been pillars of PlayStation with the latter even getting a film adaptation, though it's unclear when it will even release.

Nevertheless, Sly Cooper itself is held dearly by many fans and is a beloved franchise that has managed to be worth standing toe to toe with Sucker Puncher's other games. The series turned 20 today and Sucker Punch took to the PlayStation Blog to celebrate. Some of the developers of the game looked back on their fondest memory of the game and offered some behind the scenes tidbits about how it all came together. They're worth a read, so go to the blog post and give it a look. There is more, though! The team revealed a new piece of artwork from Sly Cooper art director Dev Madan that is jam packed with Easter eggs and it's being sold in various formats and sizes so you can hang it up on your wall. Limited edition art prints will be sold at Cook & Becker for between $120 and $225 depending on the version you buy. A new t-shirt with new art of Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox and Sly and more importantly, a new 9-inch plushie of Sly Cooper himself have also been revealed. The plush doll even includes a little cane that magnetizes to Sly's hand. 


The plush will be available sometime next year at Fangamer and a poster of the aforementioned artwork and t-shirt will be sold on the PlayStation Gear store. Those items will also ship starting in December. As of right now, it seems like Sly Cooper will continue to lay dormant. Earlier this year, Sucker Punch squashed rumors that Sly Cooper and Infamous were going to make a return on PS5, but there are currently no plans for such things.

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