New PlayStation Collectible Figures Revealed: Crash, Bloodborne, God of War, and More

With a new partnership between ThinkGeek and Sony, a brand new adorable collectibles line has been [...]


With a new partnership between ThinkGeek and Sony, a brand new adorable collectibles line has been announced and the new figures are super affordable! Whether you're wanting to show off that Bloodborne pride, or get a little silly with the classic Crash Bandicoot figure, each one is available to pre-order for the low price of $9.99.

Here is the full list of available Totaku figures as of right now:

  • Bloodborne Hunter
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Parappa the Rapper
  • God of War Kratos
  • Feisar FX350 Ship
  • Tekken Heihachi
  • Sackboy

All of the above figures can be pre-ordered right here! It's important to note that despite their similar looks, these are purely for collectible purposes. They do not function like amiibo, nor do they work like the Skylanders series. Still, for 10 bucks - it's hard to argue that these are pretty awesome. An easy way to expand that impressive collection for beloved franchises without breaking the bank.

These can only be ordered exclusively through GameStop courtesy of ThinkGeek. Another exciting note is that this is only the first wave, even more are expected to be revealed in the coming months - get hype!

Need even more collectible goodness in your life? They aren't 10 bucks, but the new line of high end Shovel Knight statues are definitely impressive. There's even an exclusive version de-helmed from an iconic spoof character from the highly praised franchise.

Shovel Knight is a popular franchise, and one that many can't wait to commemorate with a high end statue to show off that Yacht Club Games love. The highly praised collectible company First 4 Figures does it again by bringing gaming favourites to life - but their new line holds one big surprise. THAT'S what they look like under their iconic helmets?!

As with many high end statues in their line, F4F offers several options. There is the Shovel Knight Ornate Plate Armor Edition, the Shovel Knight Exclusive Edition, and the Shovel Knight Regular ... so what's the difference? To learn more, you can check out our previous coverage here to see all three versions. Whether to buy or to drool, they are undoubtedly impressive!

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