Sony Files Crazy New PlayStation VR Patent That Could Change VR Gaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent pertaining to PlayStation VR, and if it comes to fruition, could be a game changer for VR gaming. More specifically, Sony recently filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademarks Office for a "Posture Control System" that would work with the PlayStation VR. And as the name suggests, it's a full-body, gyroscopic device that changes the direction of a user's body and display unit mounted on the user's head. In other words, your whole body becomes the controller.

"Disclosed herein is a posture control system containing a posture control unit that changes a direction of a user's body and a display unit mounted on a user's head," reads the abstract of the patent. "The posture control system includes: a posture data acquiring unit configured to acquire posture data indicating the direction of the user's body; a motion sensor data acquiring unit configured to acquire motion sensor data indicating a direction of a user's face in a real space which is detected by a motion sensor; a camera image data acquiring unit configured to acquire camera image data indicating the face direction with reference to the direction of the user's body which is specified based on a camera image; and a face direction specifying unit configured to specify the direction of the user's face based on the posture data, the motion sensor data, and the camera image data."

(Photo: SIE via USPTO )

Of course, like with any patent, there's a decent chance this will never come to fruition. Companies are constantly churning out ideas via their research and development budget, and sometimes they patent these ideas, but said patents are then often squatted on. This seems like it would be a very expensive device, which seemingly rules out that it would be for the consumer market. In other words, don't expect to be strapping into one of these at your house anytime soon, but maybe they will be rolled out as part of demo stations or come to arcades and such.

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