A Critically-Acclaimed PlayStation VR Horror Game Is Finally Going Multi-Platform

The problem with VR is that it remains rather niche, after all these years. While companies like Sony and Valve have worked hard to make the technology more appealing, it's hard for players to make the necessary investment when so many have issues with headaches and nausea induced by the technology. Fortunately, one PlayStation VR exclusive is set to go multi-platform later this year, and it can finally be played without the expensive add-ons. The Persistence was released on the platform in July of 2018, but the game will arrive on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this summer, with multiple VR options available for the latter.

In The Persistence, players take on the role of a clone onboard a ship overrun with strange and gruesome creatures. The game combines first-person survival horror elements with roguelike gameplay. As players are killed by the creatures onboard, they are replaced by a new clone. Like many other roguelikes, the game features procedurally-generated stages, making each playthrough different from the previous one. It's a unique mix of genres, but one that critics found appealing when the game originally released.

Perhaps one of the most compelling gameplay additions is The Persistence's co-op mode. A second player can join the adventure through a dedicated app on their smartphone. Using the app, a second player can choose to make the game easier for player one, or much more difficult. Either way should make for a compelling option for players to enjoy the game together, and it's excellent to see developers coming up with more unique ways for gamers to experience the genre together.


No pricepoint has been announced at this time, but The Persistence will be offered digitally, and as a physical release from publisher Perp Games. A firm release date has also yet to be announced outside the summer release window, but this is a game that survival horror fans might want to keep an eye out for, regardless!

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