PlayStation and Xbox Console Competitor Mad Box Releases First Look at Their Design

The first images of the Mad Box console have been revealed to show a colorful design outfitted with the Slightly Mad Studios logo.

Slightly Mad Studios' CEO and co-founder Ian Bell shared a surprise announcement days ago by saying the studio known for its games including the Project Cars series was working on a new console. Dubbed the Mad Box, information on the technical aspects and plans for the console was shared with the device said to support 4K displays and play virtual reality games at 60FPS.

After those details were revealed, Bell returned to Twitter later with the first images of the new console that's still being worked on. Shaped like an "M" with the bottom sides flaring out to keep the console upright, it appears to come in multiple colors or can at least be configured to display different colors on the front, and sides. It also appears to have a see-through casing, but Bell said the guts of the console have been blurred out due to ongoing talks about the console's components.

Bell followed those images by revealing more details about the console's features both on the outside and inside of the device. A "deployable carry handle" at the top will allow for easy transportation of the console that Bell described as weighing very little, and the Mad Box will also reportedly be able to talk to other Mad Boxes without any cables needed.

When the console was first revealed, there was also the question of what games it would support. Bell initially said it would support old and new games from any developer thanks to an engine where developers can build their games, and another follow-up tweet elaborated on the engine and how it'll work.


The Mad Box may very well become a competitor in the console market against PlayStation and Xbox if it can pull off everything Bell said it will seeing how developers have already come forward with interest in creating games for it, but according to Bell, it'll be a while before the product is released with the studio CEO give an estimate of three and a half years before it'll be available to consumers.