Pokemon Anime to Feature The Most Horrific Pokemon Attack of All Time

The Ultra Beasts are coming to the Pokemon anime, and it looks like they're about to do some damage.

Earlier today, Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series released a new trailer for their upcoming "Ultra Guardians" arc. The new arc sees Ash and his friends recruited into fighting mysterious Ultra Beasts that have arrived in the Alola region. In the trailer, we see the massive mosquito-like Buzzwole attack a Snorlax and immediately start sucking it dry. The imagery is actually quite disturbing, as the Buzzwole appears to literally deflate the usually massive Pokemon.

Buzzwole is a dangerous Ultra Beast, with the ability to drain the energy from its opponents to boost its already bulging muscles. Some fans have even likened Buzzwole's brutal attack to how Imperfect Cell would absorb people during his first appearances in Dragon Ball Z while boosting his powers to obtain his Perfect Form.

Ultra Beasts are interdimensional Pokemon that live in Ultra Space - a spatial plane that can only be accessed via warpholes. Ash and his friends have experience with the Ultra Beasts, having traveled into Ultra Space to rescue Lusamine when a Nihilego captured her and dragged her back to its home dimension. As a result of the kidnapping, Lusamine recruits Ash and his classmates to become Ultra Guardians and respond to reports of Ultra Beasts appearing in the Alola region.

Next week's episode also features Buzzwole fighting Pikachu in an intense battle. Buzzwole can match Pikachu's speed and agility and clearly has the upper hand when it comes to brute force. We've also seen teases of a Bewear/Buzzwole battle, so it's possible that we'll see those two behemoths duke it out to see which Pokemon is truly the most OP.


The trailer also hints at a meeting between Pikachu and the diminutive Ultra Beast Poipole. It's theorized that Poipole will eventually join Ash's team as his final Pokemon in the Alola region.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series airs at 6:55 PM JT on Tokyo TV. Dubbed episodes are aired on Disney XD in the United States.