Japanese Magazine Leaks Which of Ash's Pokemon Will Evolve Next

Leaked scans of a Japanese magazine has apparently revealed that one of Ash's Pokemon will evolve [...]

Leaked scans of a Japanese magazine has apparently revealed that one of Ash's Pokemon will evolve soon.

A page from the upcoming issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro had a full page spread of Ash and his friends donning new outfits to prepare for the upcoming "Ultra Guardian" arc of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. While Ash and his classmates are all donning sleek bodysuits, their various Pokemon are shown sporting special badges.

However - one of the Pokemon shown in the spread is a bit out of place. A Torracat is shown next to Ash's Rowlet and Lycanroc and is sporting the same badge as the other Pokemon. The obvious answer is that Ash's Litten will finally evolve into a Torracat sometime during the next few episodes, likely during a confrontation with an Ultra Beast.

You can check out the leaked image below:

Litten was one of the first Pokemon Ash encountered in the Alola region, although he didn't catch it for quite some time during his stay in the tropical region. After bumping into Litten a few times around Melemele Island, Ash befriended Litten and discovered that it was taking care of an elderly Stoutland. Eventually the Stoutland passed away and Litten joined Ash's team after a short mourning period.

With Litten evolving into Torracat, it appears that Ash's final Alolan team is starting to take shape. Anime fans have speculated that Ash's Litten would eventually evolve into the powerful Incineroar ever since design sheets leaked out featuring Ash and Mallow standing behind a resting Incineroar back in 2016. Since the same character sheet also showed Rowlet sleeping on top of Incineroar, anime fans have speculated that Rowlet would never evolve (similar to Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Totodile, Snivy, and Oshawatt), leaving Incineroar as one of the main powerhouses on Ash's team.

Of course, Ash still has one more slot open for another Pokemon, although the CoroCoro leak also shows the Ultra Beast Poipole with Ash and his friends. Fans have speculated that Ash will fill his final roster spot with Poipole, who escaped from Ultra Space after Ash and his friends traveled to the alternate dimension to save Lusamine.

The "Ultra Guardian" arc of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon begins next month, so we'll have to see how and why Litten evolves.