New Mythical Pokemon to Be Revealed on Pokemon Day; Other Plans Teased

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that they will reveal the game's next Mythical Pokemon during this year's Pokemon Day festivities. While we'll have to wait until February 27th to learn more about the as of yet unnamed Pokemon, the new Pokemon will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon the Movie: Coco and will eventually be available in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The news follows a long tradition of Mythical Pokemon appearing in various Pokemon movies before getting distributed to fans to use in games. As of now, no other details about the distribution is available. Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Go are also getting in on the Pokemon Day festivities. Pokemon Sword and Shield will host a special Max Raid Battle, while Pokemon Go will hold some kind of special event. Pokemon Masters will also announce some upcoming plans during the festivities.

Pokemon Day is an an annual celebration of the Pokemon franchise and takes place on February 27th, the anniversary of the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. The Pokemon franchise has traditionally gone all out for the brand holiday, revealing new Pokemon, hosting special giveaways, and usually having some sort of tie-ins with other brands and companies. This year, the Pokemon Company announced that Netflix would release Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION worldwide (save for Japan and Korea) as part of this year's Pokemon Day festivities.


Because of Pokemon Sword and Shield's massive success, it'll be interesting to see what this year's Pokemon Day will bring. Will the Max Raid Battle event add a new Gigantamax Pokemon, or will it add another new Pokemon to the game like Galarian Slowpoke's addition earlier this year? We'll have to wait just under a month for more information.