Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Speculation Grows After Twitter Account Spotted Online

A private Twitter account has increased speculation that we'll be getting Pokemon Diamond and [...]

A private Twitter account has increased speculation that we'll be getting Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes later this year. Fans spotted the "PokemonDP15th" Twitter account earlier today just hours after the Twitter account was activated. The Twitter account sparked memories of last year's "SuperMario35th" discovery, which turned out to be a real Nintendo Twitter account created to promote various celebrations of Mario's 35th anniversary. Fans also pointed out that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are about to celebrate its 15th anniversary later this year, which explains the account's namesake.

However, while most rumors seem to point to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes being a real thing, many Pokemon fans believe that this Twitter account is a fake. After all, it seems convenient that the account was discovered less than a day after it was created and is set up in an identical manner to the Super Mario 35th account. Additionally, The Pokemon Company (which runs its social media separate from Nintendo) has never created a secondary Twitter account for a specific Pokemon game, such as the popular Pokemon Let's Go games or the older Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby games. It also seems strange that an account would be made for the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and not the wider 25th anniversary celebration of the Pokemon franchise. Since The Pokemon Company is pulling out all the stops for its 25th anniversary (including a pretty packed musical collaboration featuring the likes of Post Malone and Katy Perry), it seems strange that they'd only focus on the main series games and not....everything else they're doing this year.

Even if this particular Twitter account is (as we suspect) a fake, there is more credible proof that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming. Eagle-eyed observers spotted the diamondpearl.pokemon.com domain, which leads to a forbidden webpage made private by The Pokemon Company's webmaster. There's also the bounty of various insiders who have all but confirmed that the games are coming, creating enough smoke to make most fans believe that there's certainly a Gen 4 remake fire behind it all.

While we wait for confirmation of the next Pokemon games, there are some other celebrations that fans can look forward to. New Pokemon Snap will be released in just over two months, and other merchandise collaborations and tie-ins are also planned throughout the year.

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