Pokemon Confirms That More 25th Anniversary Announcements Are Coming

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that fans can expect a big week of announcements to celebrate [...]

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that fans can expect a big week of announcements to celebrate the Pokemon franchise's 25th anniversary. Yesterday, The Pokemon Company announced that singer Post Malone would kick off its P25 Music collaboration with a virtual concert on February 27th, which is celebrated as Pokemon Day by fans across the world. The press release for the concert confirmed that fans can expect "more announcements" during the week leading up to Pokemon Day. These announcements will be "from across the franchise" and will likely reveal more about the Pokemon franchise's plans for throughout the year.

While it's hardly a surprise that The Pokemon Company has big plans for its 25th anniversary, this is the first "official" confirmation that we'd be getting more Pokemon announcements later this month. The big speculation, of course, is that The Pokemon Company will officially announce some additional main series games, with the most likely candidates being remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We may also get some new details about some other spinoff games, such as the upcoming Pokemon UNITE MOBA game, Detective Pikachu 2, or even the mysterious Pokemon Sleep.

With the cancellation of the Pokemon World Championships, which were set to take place in August, we could also see some announcements regarding the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Retailer listings seem to indicate that a new anniversary set will be released later this year, so an official announcement could be coming later this month.

Finally, we could get some additional clarity about the future of the Pokemon anime series in the United States. Netflix surprisingly announced that the "final episodes" of Pokemon Journeys will air in early March, and many fans expect that an official re-brand of that series will be coming soon. After all, the Pokemon anime series in Japan continues to air new episodes on a weekly basis, and there's no reason to expect that we won't get more episodes in the US and abroad.

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