Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes Reportedly Confirmed by Leaker

An established Pokemon leaker claims that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be released later this year. Centro Pokemon, a well-known Pokemon site with a history of correct leaks, is reporting that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be released later this year. The claim follows years of speculation that such remakes were coming, dating back to at least 2016 or earlier. Per the report, the new games will be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year and will be made in a "classic" Pokemon style and not like the Pokemon: Let's Go remakes released back in 2018. Keep in mind that, while Centro has correctly leaked Pokemon information before, this is not an official announcement.

Centro Pokemon also claims that a new Pokemon TV series, called "Legends" will also be announced later this year. Both the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and the new anime will allegedly be announced in February.

Originally released in 2006, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are set in the Sinnoh region, and were the first games to introduce gender differences within the same Pokemon species. (Nidoran (M) and Nidoran (F) are considered two different species based on the Pokedex.) The games also notably introduced additional evolutions of several existing Pokemon species, following a trend established in Pokemon Gold and Silver. The games notably were also the first to feature Internet play using the Nintendo DS's Wi-Fi capabilities.

Pokemon fans have wanted a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake for years, since the release of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby way back in 2014. After all, the games were the next in line based on Game Freak's periodic remake of Pokemon games, and the games were the first for many Pokemon fans. The phrase "Sinnoh remakes" often trend during a Pokemon announcement, with fans signalling disappointment that their hopes for remakes weren't answered. Speculation increased in 2019 and 2020 as fans noted that a disproportionate number of "Gen 4" Pokemon were conspicuously absent from Pokemon Sword and Shield and its DLC.

The alleged release will be part of Pokemon's 25th anniversary plans and seem to fit within the anniversary theme of revisiting old regions. The Pokemon Company just announced release plans for Pokemon Snap (coming out in April) and have teased a new music collaboration with singer Katy Perry. More TCG announcements and other product announcements are expected throughout the year.