Pokemon Go Has Made $5 Billion in Revenue Over 5 Years

Pokemon Go has earned an estimated $5 billion over the last five years. The mobile app tracking website Sensor Tower notes that the company recently surpassed the sales milestone earlier this year, with the company generating over $642 million in revenue during the first 6 months of 2021. Pokemon Go's strong 2021 continues a trend of upwards growth, with the game generating more revenue in each year despite the usual playerbase attrition. Approximately 40% of the game's revenue comes from the United States, followed closely by Japan. Combined, the two companies produce over 68% of Pokemon Go's annual revenue. Pokemon Go has been downloaded approximately 632 million times since its release.

One key to Pokemon Go's continued success is that the game regularly adds new features. In addition to a steady stream of new Pokemon releases and events, Pokemon Go also adds at least one major feature per year. In fact, the game feels and plays very different than it did during its initial release. Not only has the gym system evolved, Pokemon Go also has Buddy Pokemon, Raids, Special Research, Field Research, PvP, and other features. Frankly, Pokemon Go feels like a very complete game, which is why the game still has a dedicated fanbase years after its initial launch and shaky first steps.


To celebrate the game's 5th anniversary, Pokemon Go is hosting an Anniversary Event, featuring increased appearances of various Starter Pokemon and the appearance of a Flying Pikachu held aloft by 5-shaped balloons. The event will also add Shiny Daramuka to the game, as well as the return of Shiny Meltan. The Fifth Anniversary Event is a lead-in to the game's annual Pokemon Go Fest event, which takes place on July 17th and 18th. Pokemon Go Fest will feature the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta as well as multiple region-exclusive and costumed Pokemon. Every Legendary Pokemon currently available in the game will also be available to all players as Raid Bosses during July 18th of that event. Tickets to Pokemon Go Fest costs $5 and can be purchased from the game's in-game store.