Pokemon Go Sends Out Early Christmas Present in Form of EX Raid Passes

Pokemon Go is making some of its players choose between celebrating Christmas with their loved ones...or catching a Mewtwo.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go sent out a new wave of EX Raid passes to players. EX Raids are currently the only way to battle and catch Mewtwo, so players were thrilled to get an invite...until they saw the day the next EX raid was to take place. It turns out that Mewtwo's next appearance in Pokemon Go will be on Christmas Day.

The Christmas EX Raid is unusual for a few reasons. First off, Christmas is on a Monday this year, which goes against the usual method of scheduling EX Raids for a weekend. And while not everyone celebrates Christmas, it's not unreasonable to expect that at least a portion of the players who get EX Raids will have to miss the raid either because they're out of town or because they're spending the day with their family and friends.

At least those who aren't celebrating Christmas will have something to do. And some players are interpreting the EX Raid Pass as an early Christmas present instead of a missed opportunity. Let's just hope that these Christmas EX Raids attract enough players to ensure that the day won't be a waste.


Of course, there's no sign that the EX Raids are going away, so even players who can't use this EX Raid pass will probably get another chance to grab Mewtwo. We'll see if Niantic intends to keep the raid on Christmas, or if this is just a Yuletide mistake.