Pokemon Go's First Community Day Was a Big Success

Pokemon Go's first event in 2018 was a big success. Yesterday was Pokemon Go's first ever [...]

Pokemon Go's first event in 2018 was a big success.

Yesterday was Pokemon Go's first ever "Community Day," a monthly mini-event that gave players special perks and an opportunity to catch a Pokemon with a special move. Unlike normal Pokemon Go events that last for several days, players only had a three hour window to take advantage of Community Day's bonuses and perks.

This month's special Community Day Pokemon was a Pikachu that knew Surf as a Charge Move, a callback to a popular Pikachu variant from Pokemon Yellow. However, that wasn't what got people out for the event. Pokemon Go developers also quietly upped the chances of finding a Shiny Pikachu, a variant colored Pikachu that's usually super-rare. The prospect of getting a Shiny Pikachu was enough to get thousands of Pokemon Go players out and playing.

Many Pokemon Go communities also held special events to get in the spirit of Community Day. For instance, Pokemon Go's premier Reddit community /r/TheSilphRoad launched a special new feature on their website to encourage players to meet up. Players could sign up for a Traveler Card and then attend a local meetup to get a special badge.

From looking at the Pokemon Go chatter, it seems like most players really enjoyed the Community Day event. Not only did it give players a chance to meet up and enjoy Pokemon Go together like they did in 2016, it also gave players a break from trying to find raid groups. Heading to Pokemon Go hotspots usually meant finding big groups of players that could help out with Kyogre or Tyranitar raids.

So the next question becomes: what's next for Pokemon Go's Community Day? Will these monthly events be a chance to find more Shiny Pokemon? Will future events add Pokemon with special moves that could really shake up the metagame? Will we see the return of older Legendary Pokemon during this event? There's a lot of questions about Pokemon Go's Community Day event, but it seems like this is the first event that the Pokemon Go fanbase has gotten excited about in a while.