Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know About Fletchling Community Day

Pokemon Go's latest Community Day is here! This month's featured Pokemon is the Normal/Flying-type Pokemon Fletchling, which eventually evolves into the Fire/Flying-type Pokemon Talonflame. This month's Community Day kicks off today, March 6th, at 11 AM local time and gives players the chance to encounter plenty of Fletchling during the 6-hour event. Fletchling is the first "Gen 6" Pokemon to get a Community Day event, and it comes with a brand new move, Incinerate, that Talonflame can't usually learn. This means that the Community Day is a can't-miss event, especially as it comes with the chance to grab a shiny Fletchling and add a Pokemon with a brand new move.

Here's everything you need to know about this weekend's Community Day:

Fletchling Community Day - Times and Date

Fletchling's Community Day runs from 11 AM to 5 PM local time on March 6th.

Fletchling Community Day - Exclusive Move

This month's Community Day features the exclusive move Incinerate. Incinerate is a quick move that deals a whopping 29 damage per hit and generates 20 energy per hit. The downside is that it has a pretty long cooldown/use time, which leaves players open to switches if they aren't paying attention. Incinerate is one of the rare moves where players can't just tap on their phone screen. It requires a bit of coordination which makes Fletchling one of the more divisive moves in the game.

Talonflame's Usefulness in Pokemon Go

Talonflame is a bulky Fire/Flying-type Pokemon that will have a place in both the Great League and Ultra League play. While there are a lot of great Fire-type Pokemon that appear in both leagues, the use of Incinerate should help Talonflame stand out a bit more. The major issue with Talonflame's now ideal moveset is that Incinerate comes with a bit of risk - players who don't time the use of Incinerate risk having their opponent switch out Pokemon and use several quicker moves while Incinerate is still in the queue. Additionally, the high energy output of Incinerate is only useful if your opponent doesn't block the charge move with shields.

In general, Talonflame's best moveset is Incinerate teamed with Flame Charge and Brave Bird. Talonflame will be most useful in Great League play and it should still have some usefulness in Ultra League too. Talonflame does not have much use in raids.

Fletchling Community Day - Other Bonuses


The Fletching Community Day will also come with 3x the XP for catching Pokemon, which will be useful for anyone trying to level up during the event.

Like other Community Day events, Fletchling Community Day will also feature a boosted Shiny rate for Fletchling. Shiny Fletchling is a "golden" Pokemon that has a slightly different feather color than a usual Fletchling. It can be tricky to tell the difference between a non-Shiny Fletchling and a Shiny Fletchling so you might want to pay attention to the other Shiny signs when you're out hunting throughout the day. You can check out an image of Shiny Fletchling below: