Pokemon Go Reveals Eevee's New Move for Community Day

Eevee caught during Pokemon Go's two-day Community Day event will know the new move Last [...]

Eevee caught during Pokemon Go's two-day Community Day event will know the new move Last Resort.

Pokemon Go's monthly Community Day event is coming up this weekend, and developers have revealed what "exclusive" move Eevee will know when caught during the event. Eevee will learn the move "Last Resort," a Normal-Type charge attack with a Base Attack strength of 90.

Eevee isn't the strongest attacker, so a strong charge move like Last Resort would usually be wasted as an exclusive move. However, all Eeveelutions will also know Last Resort if it is evolved between the start of Saturday's Community Day event and the end of Sunday's Community Day event. Of course, none of Eevee's evolved forms are Normal-Type Pokemon, so the move is still a bit of a waste as none of Eevee's evolved forms benefit from the "same type attack bonus" that gives a big boost to attack strength.

The big draw of this weekend's Pokemon Go event is the opportunity to catch a Shiny Eevee, which has silver fur instead of its usual light brown color pattern. Shiny Eevee will be added to the game on Saturday, and players will have six hours in which to capture as many as they can. Shiny Pokemon appear more frequently during Community Days, so this is your best opportunity to stock up on Shiny Eevee...especially as Eevee has five forms it can evolve into.

Unfortunately, it appears that rumors of Pokemon Go launching an "Evolution" event this week to coincide with the Community Day are false. An alleged leak claimed that Pokemon Go was going to start the rollout of "Gen 4" with the Community Day, as Eevee has two "Gen 4" evolutions, but a new update released last night revealed no hint of any new Pokemon being added to the game.

This weekend's Community Day will last two days. Players will be able to participate in the festivities during the following time periods on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend:

Asia, Australia: 12pm to 3pm JST

Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm GMT

North America, South America and Greenland: 2pm to 5pm EST