Pokemon Go Adds Event Tag to Pokemon Caught During Special Events

Pokemon Go is adding tags to Pokemon when you catch them during special events. Those who caught a Magmar during yesterday's Community Day event may notice a new addition at the bottom of its Pokemon screen. There's a tag that notes that the Pokemon was captured during the Community Day event. Interestingly, the tag appears on any Pokemon caught during the event, even if they aren't a Magmar or Magby (which appeared more often from 2 KM eggs during the event.) However, Pokemon appearing more often during the ongoing Pokemon Home event do not have a tag at the bottom of their screen.

While a minor change, the tags do provide players with some additional context about their catches, and also adds a second tier of rarity for some Shiny Pokemon. Since Pokemon Go regularly boosts the Shiny Rates of certain Pokemon during events, players can now have proof when they catch a Shiny Pokemon outside of one of those events.

We'll note that the event tag doesn't apply to Pokemon caught before the Magmar Community Day event. For instance, there's no similar tag for Pokemon caught during Electabuzz Community Day, even though it happened just a couple of weeks ago.


The new tags are just one of many changes coming to Pokemon Go in the coming weeks. Pokemon Go will be rolling out its major "GO Beyond" update at the end of this month, which will increase the Level Cap to Level 50, add new Kalos Pokemon to the game, and add themed seasons that rotate every three months. The GO Battle League will also be given an overhaul as part of the new update. Other changes are also possible, including the addition of the Galarian Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime to the game. You can download Pokemon Go's latest update today, and the GO Beyond changes will start rolling out on November 30th.