Pokemon Go Could Be Adding Pokemon Sword and Shield's Creepiest Pokemon Soon

Pokemon Go could soon be beset by tapdancing clowns, if a new datamine is to be believed. Pokemon Go is rolling out some new updates to prepare for its big "Go Beyond" update, but dataminers digging into the update have pointed out that the update could contain even more surprises. The newest update contains code for Mr Rime, the evolved form of Galarian Mr. Mime. This means that we could soon see the tapdancing Ice/Psychic-type Pokemon and its creepy stomach-face evolved form haunt the mobile game. Since Galarian Mr. Mime and its evolved form are both Ice-type Pokemon, they could be added as part of the new "Season of Celebration," which will be partially themed around Pokemon found in the winter.

One of the biggest questions about Galarian Mr. Mime and its counterpart is whether the new Pokemon will be exclusive to Europe. The original Kanto Mr Mime was a region exclusive Pokemon, although Pokemon Go made that decision long before the Pokemon Company introduced the Galarian Mr. Mime to the franchise. We'll note that Pokemon Go just added Klefki as a Pokemon exclusive to France, so our bet is that Galarian Mr. Mime will be available around the world.

The datamine also revealed that new costumed versions of Pikachu, Delibird, and Cubchoo would all be appearing in the game around the holiday season. It's not a major holiday without a new costumed Pikachu in Pokemon Go, so we'll see what sort of hat the Pokemon mascot will wear this year.


Pokemon Go is getting ready to release its major "Go Beyond" update which overhauls several new features. The update will add Kalos Pokemon, increase the Level Cap to Level 50, and add themed Seasons to the game. The update will also feature an overhaul to the Go Battle League, increasing the number of ranks to 24. The Go Beyond update will go live the week of November 30th.