Pokemon Go to Overhaul Its Go Battle League With New Ranks, Longer Seasons

Pokemon Go will majorly overhaul its Go Battle League in the coming weeks, adding new ranks for [...]

Pokemon Go will majorly overhaul its Go Battle League in the coming weeks, adding new ranks for players to earn and increasing the lengths of seasons. As part of the game's upcoming "GO Beyond" update, Pokemon Go announced that the Go Battle League, the competitive PvP portion of the game, will now have 24 ranks instead of its previous 10 ranks. Not only will the new ranking system do away with the "Level 7 wall" that players struggled to overcome, it will also give players more opportunities to earn rank rewards as well. The top four ranks will also have new badges to recognize a player's achievement. The changes will go into effect on November 30th.

The Seasons in Go Battle League will now last three months, matching the length of Pokemon Go's in-game seasons. While the league's general format will remain the same, players will now have two opportunities to compete in the various Leagues during each season. Rewards will be themed to match that of the current Pokemon Go season, and the rewards system will receive a total overhaul. One of the goals of the new system is to provide players with more opportunities to rank up and prevent them from feeling like they've hit a ceiling in game. Previously, many players struggled to get past Rank 7, and the new system should totally do away with that issue. Pokemon Go will also keep its various Cup competitions and other temporary Go Battle League events as well.

The new Go Battle League changes are just some of the many big changes coming to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is also adding new Pokemon to the game, increasing their Level Cap, and re-organizing their content around themed seasons that change every three months. The Go Beyond updates will be rolled out over the week of November 30th, with even more changes teased afterwards.