Pokemon Go Sends Out Massive Wave of EX Raid Passes

Pokemon Go
has sent out its largest wave of EX Raid Invites yet. On Tuesday evening, Pokemon Go sent out a massive wave of EX Raids to trainers around the world. Players from Iowa to India have reported getting Raid Invites, which allows players to participate in a battle against the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo.

Perhaps more importantly, the next wave of EX Raids won't be limited to sponsored gyms. The last two waves of EX Raids only took place at locations like Sprint and Starbucks, prompting speculation that Pokemon Go was going to limit future EX Raids for just those locations. However, as EX Raids are going out in countries where Pokemon Go doesn't have any sponsors, it appears that worry was a bit premature.

Interestingly, it appears that Pokemon Go is also tinkering with when the EX Raids will run. These are the first EX Raids to take place on a weekend afternoon instead of a weekend evening, so Pokemon Go is probably testing to see if different times bring bigger crowds or not.

It's been an....interesting day for Pokemon Go. The game was down for many players for most of the day due to an unknown set of circumstances. While connectivity for players with Google logins was restored within a few hourse, most players with Pokemon Trainers Club logins couldn't play the game all day. It seems unlikely that the mass outage had anything to do with this new wave of Raid Invites, but stranger things have happened.


We'll provide ongoing coverage about Pokemon Go, along with any changes made to the latest round of EX Raid tests.