'Pokemon Go' Releases Final Figures for Global Catch Challenge

Pokemon Go players managed to reach the Global Catch Challenge's end goal and then some last week.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go released the final tally on the number of Pokemon caught during their first ever Global Catch Challenge. Players caught over 3.3 billion Pokemon, clearing the 3 billion goal by a pretty sizable amount.

Pokemon Go announced the new event on November 19th, but the event's bonuses are rewards weren't immediately available. Players had to pass three milestones in order to unlock double XP and double stardust bonuses, as well as increased Pokemon spawns around the world. For beating the Global Catch Challenge, Pokemon Go unleashed Farfetch'd spawns around the world. Farfetch'd typically appears only in Japan and East Asia, so this was the first chance that many players had to catch this regional-exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Go also started a new video series that followed several YouTubers' journey throughout Japan during the Global Catch Challenge, which culminated in a trip to a Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan. Some Japanese players also spotted two Ho-Oh raids during the event via trackers, although they were locked and couldn't be seen in person.

Honestly, this was a pretty successful event for Pokemon Go and it introduced a sense of direction and accomplishment that the game has sorely missed in ages. Hopefully, we'll see more Global Catch Challenges in Pokemon Go soon, preferably after more Pokemon are released into the game next month.