Groudon Is Literally Too Big for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go fans are realizing just how massive the game's newest Legendary Pokemon is.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced they were adding Groudon as the game's newest Raid Boss. Groudon is a massive dinosaur-like Pokemon, something that's definitely reflected in how massive it is on the Pokemon screen.

As you can see in the tweets below, Groudon is so huge, it covers its CP score when facing the player on the screen. When facing the side, Groudon's snout and tail actually extend past the screen, because it's just that huge.

Groudon's sheer size raises questions about some other massive Pokemon that should be added soon. Not only is Groudon's partner Pokemon similarly massive, there's also the great blue whale-sized Wailord coming in the next wave of "Gen 3" Pokemon.

Groudon isn't just big, it's also one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. Even without its special move Precipice Blade, Groudon's great Attack stat and generally high CP makes it great to use in just about any raid. Only two Pokemon currently in Pokemon Go (Mewtwo and Slaking) have higher Attack stats, and only Mewtwo is considered to be a better attacker.


Pokemon Go players can battle Groudon through January 15th. We'll have more to report on how this gigantic Pokemon will change Pokemon Go later this weekend.