Pokemon Go -- Hoenn Throwback Challenge Tasks Revealed

Pokemon Go's newest Throwback Challenge is about to start, with new tasks to complete and a chance to capture another Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon Go has started the rollout of its Hoenn Throwback Challenge, a new weekly challenge that pays homage to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The new Throwback Challenge has 9 different parts, each of which rewards players with a mix of berries, Pokemon encounters, and other prizes. Those who complete the challenge by next week will get an encounter with the Legendary Pokemon Groudon with the move Fire Punch. Pokemon Go is also having an event on conjunction with the challenge that increases the spawn rate of several Pokemon from the Hoenn region and adds the Shiny Skitty to the event.

Here is every part of the Hoenn Throwback Challenge, along with what rewards you'll get for completing each task.

Part 1 -- Rewards: 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berries, Nosepass Encounter

  • Catch a Rock-type Pokemon (Reward: 500 Stardust)
  • Catch 3 Fire-type, Grass-type, or Water-type Pokemon (Reward: 10 Poke Balls)
  • Claim Reward - (Reward: 5 Rare Candies)

Part 2 -- Rewards: 2 Pinap Berries, 1 Razz Berry, Hariyama Encounter

  • Power up a Pokemon (Reward: 10 Poke Balls)
  • Make 3 Nice Throws (Reward: Lairon Encounter)
  • Catch a Fighting-type Pokemon (Reward: 500 Stardust)

Part 3 -- Rewards: 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berries, Manectric Encounter

  • Send gift to friend (Reward: 1 Incense)
  • Make 3 Curve Ball Throws (Reward: Wailmer Encounter)
  • Catch a Electric-type Pokemon (Reward: 500 Stardust)

Part 4 -- Rewards: 2 Pinap Berries, 1 Razz Berry, Camerupt Encounter

  • Earn a Candy walking your Buddy Pokemon (Reward: Trapinch Encounter)
  • Catch 3 Pokemon with Weather Boost (Reward: Bagon Encounter)
  • Catch a Fire-type Pokemon (Reward: 500 Stardust)

Part 5 -- Rewards: 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berries, Slakoth Encounter

  • Make 3 Great Throws (Reward: Shedinja Encounter)
  • Power up a Pokemon 3 times (Reward: 10 Great Balls)
  • Catch a Normal-type Pokemon (Reward 500 Stardust)

Part 6 -- Rewards: 2 Pinap Berries, 1 Razz Berry, Swellow Encounter

  • Catch a Water-type, Electric-type, or Bug-type Pokemon (Reward: 10 Ultra Balls)
  • Battle another trainer (Reward: Absol Encounter)
  • Catch a Flying-type Pokemon (Reward: 500 Stardust)

Part 7 -- Rewards: 1 Pinap Berry, 2 Razz Berries, Claydol Encounter

  • Catch a Ghost-type Pokemon (Reward: 5 Revives)
  • Give your Buddy 3 Treats (Reward: 1 Charged TM)
  • Catch an Psychic-type Pokemon (500 Stardust)

Part 8 -- Rewards: 2 Pinap Berries, 1 Razz Berry, Sealeo Encounter

  • Take a Snapshot of an Water-type Pokemon (Reward: Clamperl Encounter)
  • Evolve a Pokemon (Reward: 1 Star Piece)
  • Catch a Water-type Pokemon (Reward: 500 Stardust)

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