'Pokemon Go' to Increase Kanto Spawns to Celebrate Release of 'Pokemon: Let's Go'

Pokemon Go will make sure that players have ample opportunity to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon: [...]

Pokemon Go will make sure that players have ample opportunity to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon: Let's Go.

Later this week, Nintendo will release Pokemon: Let's Go, a pair of new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. These games will not only be the first main series Pokemon games released for a home console, they'll also be the first Pokemon games with a direct link to Pokemon Go.

Players will be able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let's Go in exchange for in-game items and other perks. However, the one limit is that Pokemon: Let's Go will only let players transfer Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region - that is the original 151 Pokemon.

Of course, Pokemon Go now has almost half of the over 800 Pokemon species available, so Kanto Pokemon can be rare in some regions. So, Pokemon Go will seemingly host a new event to celebrate the launch of Pokemon: Let's Go that will increase the number of Kanto Pokemon spawns. The news was first announced via Pokemon Go's Japanese Twitter account.

For Pokemon Go players who don't have Pokemon: Let's Go, the new event might seem like a bit of a pain. After all - the Kanto Pokemon have been available for years in Pokemon Go and have been the subject of more events than any other group of Pokemon. But, for players who have both games, this event will give players a much needed head start, especially as some features of Pokemon: Let's Go require players to transfer a certain number of Pokemon from Pokemon Go to access.

Players will also need to connect Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let's Go in order to unlock the Mythical Pokemon Meltan, a Pokemon that can only be caught in Pokemon Go and then transferred to Pokemon: Let's Go. Notably, Meltan is the first Mythical Pokemon with the ability to evolve.

Pokemon: Let's Go comes out on November 16th.