Pokemon Go Finally Adds Kecleon After Years Long Wait, How to Catch

Pokemon Go has added the long-awaited Pokemon Kecleon after a five-year wait. Pokemon Go players can finally complete their Hoenn Pokedex, as Niantic has added the chameleon-like Pokemon to the game in something of a surprise addition. While players had speculated for weeks that Kecleon would be coming to the game soon thanks to various datamines indicating an "invisible encounter" was added to the game, players in Australia and Japan were the first to report that Kecleon had been added as a post-Community Day treat for players. 

Kecleon is currently only accessible at PokeStops. Players need to tap on a PokeStop to see if Kecleon's invisible form (still visible to the naked eye) is resting on the PokeStop photo disc. By tapping and spinning the disc, Kecleon will jump off of the PokeStop and spawn next to the PokeStop. Afterwards, players can trigger a normal encounter with Kecleon and capture the Pokemon as they would any other Pokemon in the game. 

Kecleon appears nearly five years after other Pokemon from the Hoenn region made their initial appearances in Pokemon Go. Developers initially blamed Kecleon's unique Ability, which allows it to switch its typing to match the move it was hit by when attacked. Pokemon Go currently doesn't have Abilities implemented, which largely negated what made Kecleon special. 

In early 2022, Pokemon Go fueled speculation that it would be adding Kecleon after a Community Day Classic event by featuring an invisible Kecleon in a promotional image for the event, but nothing ever came out of it. 

According to reports, Kecleon won't be available to catch in Pokemon Go until approximately 30 minutes after the Community Day (which features Chespin) ends. As of press time, it's unclear if Kecleon is a permanent addition to Pokemon Go, or if the Pokemon will only spawn during certain special events. 

Players also can't currently transfer Kecleon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home, as there is a bug that prevents Kecleon from showing its gender.