Kyogre is a Pain to Catch in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players are discovering how difficult it is to catch the game's newest Legendary [...]

Pokemon Go players are discovering how difficult it is to catch the game's newest Legendary Pokemon.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go added the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre to the game to give players a double Legendary weekend. With Groudon sticking around until January 14th, players can fight both of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire's mascot Pokemon at gyms all weekend.

However, players are learning that actually catching Kyogre is a bit of a pain. The issue is that Kyogre is a physically wide Pokemon, which means that it naturally sits far back on the catch screen so that it can move and attack. This means that Kyogre has a smaller hit box than most other Pokemon, which makes it pretty difficult to actually hit it with an accurate PokeBall throw.

Since Kyogre has a base catch rate of just 2%, it's important to stack up as many catch bonuses as you can to improve your odds. Luckily, players are already starting to share tricks on how to better your odds of catching Kyogre.

One of the "easiest" solutions is to turn on the AR+ mode. AR+ allows players to move closer to a Pokemon, which in turn increases its hit box and makes it easier to get "Great" and "Excellent" throws. In Kyogre's case, AR+ also cancels outs its horizontal drifting movements, since players can simply walk a little to the side to re-center it. Anecdotally, some players are also reporting that turning on AR+ will cause Kyogre to stop attacking, but this isn't something that all players can replicate.

Unfortunately, there are some serious downsides to the AR+ mode. Only iPhone users have access to AR+, and it's also really difficult to throw curveballs in the mode.

Other players are sharing some step by step instructions on how to time throws to catch Kyogre. One Redditor shared a VERY useful guide with pictures that might help players with timing their throws to hit Kyogre. We should note that this guide isn't for novice players and might be a little overwhelming to those who don't play the game on a daily basis.

Kyogre will be around until February 14th, so players have lots of time to adapt to Kyogre's small hit box. Good luck to everyone trying to catch Kyogre this weekend!