Pokemon Go Adds Landorus as Next Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go has announced that Landorus will be the game's next Legendary Pokemon. Beginning on March 31st, Landorus will be added to Pokemon Go as a 5-Star raid boss and a rare reward encounter for the game's GO Battle League. Pokemon Go recently made Legendary Pokemon available in GO Battle League as an alternative to players in quarantine or self-isolation due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Landorus is a unique Ground/Flying-type Pokemon and will be the strongest Ground-type attacker in the game, as it has a particularly powerful attack stat.

Luckily players won't have to gather in large groups to raid and beat Landorus. The Pokemon has a double weakness against Ice-type attacks, so two players with multiple Mamoswine can easily knock out Landorus in a raid battle. Water-type Pokemon are also effective in knocking off Landorus in Raid Battles. Of course, since many areas have banned non-essential travel, players may also want to just build their GO Battle League teams to encounter Landorus instead. Landorus will appear as a potential encounter starting once players reach Rank 4 in GO Battle League.

Pokemon Go has balanced continuing their systematic rollout of new features and Pokemon with the need to change up its "get out and explore" game ethos in a time of social distancing and quarantines. In recent weeks, Pokemon Go has made it easier to enjoy the game from home and has minimized the need for in-person social interactions to enjoy the game. Because of these changes, there is no sign that Pokemon Go will suspend the rollout of new features to discourage players from going outside and breaking recommended isolation protocols by health officials.


Landorus will be added to the game on March 31st and will be a featured Legendary Pokemon until April 21st.