You Can Catch Multiple Legendary Pokemon of the Same Species in Pokemon Go

Legendary Raids are live in Pokemon Go and players are now confirming that it's possible to catch more than one Legendary Pokemon of the same species.

While Pokemon Go originally said that Legendary Raids would be exclusive and somewhat rare events, they apparently changed their mind after the debacle that was Pokemon Go Fest. In the aftermath of the failed event, Niantic quickly announced that they were releasing both Lugia and Articuno into the wild, starting at 9 PM ET.

At least for the time being, Legendary Raids are appearing in high abundance all over the world. Therefore, players were quickly able to jump into more than one Legendary Raid and see if they could catch more than one Pokemon of the same species.

Having the ability to catch multiple Legendary Pokemon of the same species is significant for a few reasons. It means that players can accumulate Candies a bit easier than expected (which was a concern given that Legendary Pokemon need to be walked 20 KM to get a single Legendary Pokemon candy) and also that players don't have to worry about getting stuck with a Legendary Pokemon with low IVs or an inferior moveset.

It also marks a bit of a departure from the traditional Pokemon games, where players typically could only encounter one Pokemon of each Legendary species per game.


We'll have full coverage of Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go in the days ahead, so keep following WWG for more news!

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