Pokemon Go Just Name-Dropped Legendary Pokemon in New Ad

The hype is slowly building for the introduction of Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go. Earlier [...]

The hype is slowly building for the introduction of Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go. Earlier today, an ad for Pokemon Go that mentioned Legendary Pokemon popped up on the Indian version of the Apple App Store.

While Pokemon Go has had several mini-ads on the Apple App Store recently due to the new update and renewed interest in the game, this ad seemed to be specifically promoting the ongoing Anniversary Event. The ad showed one of Pokemon Go's redesigned gyms, a Tyranitar, and the copy "Special Pikachu with Hat and first legendary Pokemon."

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.08.54 AM

Niantic has teased the addition of Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go for several months, but this might be the most "official" confirmation that these ultra-powerful Pokemon are coming to the game soon. After a Niantic employee mentioned that this summer would be "legendary" for Pokemon Go trainers at a gaming award ceremony, a sole website with access to Niantic at E3 reported that the game would use the new raid system to gradually introduce Legendary Pokemon.

There's still no official timeline in place for the Legendary Pokemon rollout in Pokemon Go, but many fans are expecting it to happen sometime this month. Pokemon Go has several live events coming up in July, and players are expecting Legendary Pokemon to be a major incentive for attending.

Stay tuned, Pokemon Go fans: the Legendary Pokemon are coming!

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