Pokemon Go Fans Aren't Happy About the Newest Community Day


Pokemon Go fans aren't thrilled with next weekend's Community Day mini-event.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go revealed that any Ampharos evolved during next weekend's Community Day event will learn the move Dragon Pulse, a move it can't usually learn during the game. This led to widespread complaints by many fans who already weren't happy that April's Community Day event would focus on Mareep, a sheep-like Pokemon with a largely underwhelming set of moves and stats.

Community Day events are unique mini-events in which a specific Pokemon spawns in mass quantities for a three hour period. These Pokemon (or their evolutions) also know an exclusive move, which usually impact Pokemon Go's metagame in some way. For instance, February's Community Day gave players a Dragonite with Draco Meteor, a powerful Dragon-Type attack. Last month's Community Day added the brand new move Frenzy Plant to Venusaur, making Venusaur one of the top Grass-Type attackers in the game.

While Mareep is a generally uncommon Pokemon and one of the few pure Electric-Type Pokemon in the game, its fully evolved form Ampharos was quickly overshadowed by Raikou and Zapdos, two Electric-Type Pokemon with much better movesets. And while Ampharos can be placed in gyms as a defender, its attacks and stats aren't really suited towards attacks.

Many players are questioning why the Electric-Type Ampharos would even learn the Dragon-Type move Dragon Pulse in the first place. In the main series games, Ampharos has a Mega Evolved form that changes it from an Electric-Type Pokemon to an Electric/Dragon-Type Pokemon.

Joe Merrick, siterunner of the Pokemon news site Serebii.net, also provided a useful explanation as to the move's Japanese name and its connection to Electric-Type Pokemon.

In addition to the mass spawns of Mareep, players can also take advantage of the drastically reduced distance needed to hatch eggs during the event. All eggs will hatch after 1/4 of its usual hatch distance. Pokemon Go will likely release Shiny versions of Mareep and its evolutions for players to hunt during the event.

The next Community Day will take place on April 15th. The event windows are as follows:

Europe and Africa: 10am to 1pm UK or GMT

North and South America: 2pm to 5pm ET


Asia and Australia: 12pm to 3pm JST