Pokemon Go Makes Big Changes to Mega Evolution

Niantic has responded to feedback from Pokemon Go players by making changes to the game’s Mega Evolution system that went live in the game exactly one week ago today. The changes make it easier to Mega Evolve your Pokemon by lowering the energy requirement to evolve them after they’ve already Mega Evolved recently and also increases the Mega Energy players get from completing Mega Raids. For future updates, Niantic laid out a vision for other changes it’s planning on implementing later based on what players have been saying.

The latest on Mega Evolutions was shared on Thursday by Niantic in a post on the Pokemon Go blog site. It started with the updates that have already been made to Mega Evolutions as of today, and though only two of them were released, they should be welcome changes for those who’ve had complaints about Mega Evolutions since the feature released.

Those two changes released in today’s update can be found below:

Pokemon Go Mega Evolution Update

  • The Mega Energy requirement to Mega Evolve a Pokémon that has already Mega Evolved before has decreased.
  • The amount of Mega Energy that Trainers receive from winning Mega Raids has increased.

Beyond this update, Niantic said it has a few more changes in the works that’ll give players additional ways to earn Mega Energy. Combine those future changes with the ones already released and it should soon be much easier to Mega Evolve your Pokemon than it was at the start of the feature.

Future Mega Evolution Changes

  • Walking with your buddy to earn Mega Energy
  • More ways to earn Mega Energy through research tasks and other gameplay
  • Earning bonus Candy when catching Pokémon that share a type with your Mega-Evolved Pokémon

The first possible Mega Evolutions were added to Pokemon Go alongside the release of the feature, and if past updates for the game are any indication of what’s to come, we’ll see more Mega Evolutions released in the future. If you’ve been out of the Pokemon Go game for a while and aren’t sure what the new Mega Evolution system looks like in the game, you can check out our guide on the feature to better understand how you can Mega Evolve your Pokemon. We’ll see new events added to Pokemon Go throughout the month to better introduce players to Mega Evolutions.