Pokemon Go Adds More Raid Bosses, Field Research Quests

Pokemon Go has a new in-game event, which means more new Raid Bosses.

To celebrate the ongoing Battle Showdown event, Pokemon Go has added six Pokemon to the Raid Boss pool, many of which have never appeared before as a Raid Boss. All six Pokemon are Fighting-Type Pokemon, which makes sense as the Battle Showdown is focused on Fighting-Type Pokemon.

The new Pokemon are:

Level 2: Combusken, Primeape

Level 3: Breloom, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan

Level 4: Poliwrath

Combusken, Primeape, and Breloom can all be beaten by a single trainer without too much difficulty. Both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan will require a bit more skill to beat alone, but it can be done with an optimized high level team.

Pokemon Go also added a ton of new Field Research tasks to the game, most of which have a connection to the new Research Breakthrough reward Zapdos. Zapdos replaced Moltres as a reward for completing research quests on seven different days as of May 1st.

The new Field Research tasks include the following:

  • Evolve multiple Electric-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve an Electric-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve multiple Flying-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve a Flying-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve multiple Ice-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve an Ice-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve multiple Water-Type Pokemon
  • Evolve a Water-Type Pokemon
  • Catch multiple Electric Pokemon with Nice Throws
  • Catch multiple Water-, Electric-, or Bug-Type Pokemon
  • Catch a Water-, Electric-, or Bug-Type Pokemon
  • Catch multiple Ice- or Steel-Type Pokemon
  • Catch an Ice- or Steel-Type Pokemon
  • Catch multiple Flying-, Psychic- or Dragon-Type Pokemon
  • Catch a Flying-, Psychic- or Dragon-Type Pokemon

None of these new quests are particularly difficult, but it is nice to see Pokemon Go add some more variety to the Field Research quests, especially as players can blow through the quests quickly.

The new Battle Showdown event will feature an increase in Fighting-Type Pokemon around the world and bonuses for battling at gyms. Players will receive double the XP for Gym Battles and Raid Battles. Plus, Raid Battles will also get a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust just for participating in a battle and are guaranteed to get at least one Rare Candy if they win a Raid. Pokemon Go players will also make extra progress towards leveling up their Gym Badges and will get extra items whenever they spin a Photo Disc at gyms.