Pokemon Go Gives Out a One-Time Bonus For Spinning New PokeStops

One of the cool things about Pokemon Go's new update is how we keep finding new surprises every couple of days. For example, players have just discovered a new one-time bonus for visiting new PokeStops.

One of the new features in Pokemon Go's new update is a horizontal blue ring that appears around all PokeStops. These rings disappear permanently after a player visits and interacts with the PokeStop for the first time (post-update) by spinning its Photo Disc. While spinning a PokeStop usually gives a player 50 XP, spinning a PokeStop with a ring around it gives a 250 XP bonus instead.

If a player hits a ringed PokeStop as the tenth PokeStop in a streak, they'll get an even bigger 500 XP bonus in addition to more items.

The new rings are designed to encourage Pokemon Go players to explore new places. While players are currently getting bonuses just by visiting their normal PokeStops for the first time post-update, soon they'll have to find new PokeStops if they want to keep racking up the easy XP bonuses.

This one-time first visit bonus only works for PokeStops. While players will get an XP bonus for spinning a photo disc at gyms, they won't get the 250 XP bonus for visiting it for the first time.


Since the blue rings are only a few days old, we don't know whether they permanently disappear once a player visits the PokeStop or if they'll reset after a week or after every update.

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