Pokemon Go Disables New Feature Just a Few Hours After Announcing It

One of Pokemon Go's new features was disabled just hours after its release. The popular mobile app announced it had disabled the ability to feed berries to Pokemon remotely in order to fix an unknown "issue."

The ability to send Berries to Gym defenders was a new feature introduced in the update released earlier this week. Many players were thrilled about the new feature, in part because it allowed them to farm Stardust from the comfort of their homes.

Pokemon Go didn't provide an additional explanation as to why they pulled remote feeding, but it's likely due to several unusual bugs found during the feature's first day of use. Some players reported that using remote feeding caused the game to "un-favorite" Pokemon, while others noted that remote feeding didn't have the same 10 berry limit as feeding Pokemon in person.

Of course, this isn't the first time Pokemon Go has removed a popular feature. The game also shut down its original tracker just weeks after the game's release due to the strain the featured caused on servers. Many Pokemon Go players are still bitter about the loss of the original tracker, especially as Pokemon Go's eventual replacement was seen as a downgrade.

There's no word as to when Pokemon Go will turn remote feeding back on, but we'll report on when (or if) it happens.

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