Pokemon Go to Add Four New Pokemon for Rivals Week

Pokemon Go's next event will add two new Pokemon and their evolved forms. Niantic confirmed that the upcoming Rivals Week event, which kicks off on April 13th, will serve as the debut for Skrelp and Clauncher, two Water-type Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The event will also feature pairs of Pokemon typically seen as rivals, such as Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, Makuhita and Meditite, and Zangoose and Seviper. The new event will also serve to bring in the Therian Forme of Landorus to Pokemon Go, providing players with this more powerful version of the Ground/Flying-type Legendary Pokemon.

Rivals Week will also feature a Global Challenge - a challenge that requires players around the world to reach a specific milestone. No further details were provided for the Rivals Week Global Challenge, other than it would involve Raid Battles and would unlock a 2x Catch Stardust if completed.

The event will also feature the normal event features, with event-exclusive Field Research bonuses and a switch-up in Raid Bosses. Team Rocket will also appear more frequently at PokeStops and via balloons, giving players more chances to battle their in-game rivals repeatedly.

Rivals Week is part of a full slate of events that are taking place as part of Pokemon Go's ongoing "Season of Legends." The game is currently hosting a Spring-themed event featured bunny Pokemon and costumed Pokemon, and the game also plans to run a Friendship event and an event focused on Sustainability as well. It's widely expected that Xerneas, a Fairy-type Legendary Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon X, will make its appearance at some point during the month. Other surprises are also likely coming, as the Season of Legends will run until June.


Rivals Week will kick off on April 13th at 10 AM local time and run through Sunday, April 18th at 8 PM local time.